• About the Company

When you visit Sears Financial through www.sears.ca/creditcards, you will find that it is involved in a diverse range of activities. These services comprise of credit cards provision, insurance services, mortgage and real estate referral services and various others that can benefit the customers. Being in business for couple of decades now, it has been providing efficient services to various customers and the demand for their products and services continue to increase considerably which shows that it has been able to capture the trust of their old and potential customers.

  • How to Sign In Online and manager my credit cards

When you go on to www.sears.ca/creditcards, you will see that the page will ask you to provide a user name and the password at the top of the page. This part is to be filled only when the person already has registered with this website and has created up an account for this purpose. The new users are to see the area that states “Need to enroll? (Please have your last statement ready.)”. You should enter your card number in this section along with the name on the card and then submit this information. Once this part is completed successfully, only then you would be able to proceed successfully and use the credit card services through www.sears.ca/creditcards.