• About Gap.com

Even though it is now attracting its customers through www.gap.com/activate and their official website, this company was established in 1969 with only a single store in San Francisco. Few decades later, it is now catering to the needs of millions of customers with their number of employees increasing day by day and even exceeding the figure of 132,000 employees. The number of its stores had increased from one to 3000 with more than 250 franchise stores and its demand continues to increase due to their amazing products and services and high consumer satisfaction.

  • How to Sign In Online and activate your card with www.gap.com

When you visit www.gap.com/activate, you will be led to a page which would only proceed when you provide the necessary details for this purpose. If you have already registered for this website, you should enter the User ID to activate the card and be an active member of this website and the company. On the other hand, to register for this website, go to the part that is present on the right side of the website and click on “register and activate. The simple task after that will be to enter your credit card number in the space that is provided at the bottom right of the page and once you submit It correctly, you will proceed further to finish the remaining steps and be able to use www.gap.com/activate and the services easily after that.