• About the Company Citibank

200 years ago, Citibank was established and until today, the bank is still going strong. Its progress has been informed by the past and it is being inspired by the future. It has been connecting people across the world through its global network. The Banking Company offers an array of corporate banking services and investment opportunities. The Company’s financial products are top-class. Citibank has products for government, corporation, high network investors and institutions. You can view all the products by signing onto www.myciti.com/.

  • How to Sign in Online on www.myciti.com

Citibank offers internet-banking services and to use this service you have to sign on http://www.myciti.com/. To sign on, you will need a username and a password that you will obtain after you have registered for their service offered at their website. You can set your password and username in a way that each time you want to sign on, the computer remembers it. For first time users, they have to register first before they can sign on. There are three steps involved in registration. First, you have to enter your account information; then you will be required to set up online access, and after that, you will have to confirm.